Inspire is an annual event organised by the Greater Sydney Conference aiming to revive, grow, train and inspire us on creating and connecting a community.

It is run as a combination of workshops, presentations, and worship services from kindergarten children to elderly folks. During the weekend, there are opportunities where church members from all around Sydney can catch up and mingle, as well as for individuals to enjoy the retreat style in the country side to reconnect with God.

Inspire is truly an inspiring event. Last few years, our church had subsidised upto 50% of the fee to encourage our members to take part in this event to equip ourselves in Christ. On behalf of the Sydney Chinese SDA Church, we wish to extend our invitation to all church members to join us in Inspire 2013!

The Inspire 2013 will be held on 25th to 28th April at Merroo Christian Centre, Kurrajong.  More information can be found from the Conference website.