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A Brief Introduction of Sydney Chinese Seventh-Day Adventist Church

The Sydney Chinese Seventh-Day Adventist Church was formed to present God, His Love, His Light, His Words, and His Son – to the Chinese people in their own language.

It first met on Oct 01, 1966, when the Marrickville Church members opened their heart and their doors to the newly formed group mainly consist of students and graduates from Hong Kong and China. 

But the generosity of the Marrickville Church extended further by donated the entire church property to the Chinese Church Group in 1967. This kind act enables us to purchase the more-centrally located present site, in Strathfield.

In honour and memory of their gift, a feature wall constructed from the almost century-old Marickville church pews, has been incorporated in the foyer of the new Chinese Church building to welcome all the people come into the church.

Four Chinese characters carved to the wall exhort to REVERANCE before entering the Lord’s Temple. Taken from Habakkuk 2:20, the literal translation from the Chinese reads;

肅 敬 

  Be Reverent with Solemnity 

靜 默 

  Be Silent with Meditation 

Reverent is also the keynote of the triangular-shaped temple. The ascending lines of the timber ceiling converge heavenwards to a circular skylight, high above the rostrum. As the light shines through our thoughts are directed upwards to God and His Love as it beams down on the preacher imparting God’s Word, depicted on the high backdrop to the rostrum where the name of the sixty-six books of the Bible are carved in Chinese characters. They are opened books of the New Testament rest upon and interlock with the foundation of the Old Testament, signifying the unity of the Book, with Christ as the centre.

We the members of the Chinese Church, pray that Christ will also be the centre of our lives; that each aspect of our living – the spiritual. Flanked by the physical and mental. Also symbolised in the three panels of the ascending ceiling – will develop harmoniously upwards towards God; that not only our church building will point heavenwards, that each of us will present God – His Love, His Light, His Word, His Son – not just to the Chinese people, but to all people, in their own understanding, directing their thoughts and their lives to Him


基督復臨安息日會華人會堂成立,為要用華語介紹表揚神 – 祂的愛,祂的光,祂的聖經和祂的愛子 。
但馬力圍教會的成員, 他們十分慷慨, 在1967年更進一步捐贈整個教會的財產給華人教會,讓我們能購買位址更中心,交通更方便的現址。
為要尊敬和記念他們的禮物,我們把近百年老的教堂長椅做成了在大堂入口處的一面功能牆。 四個中文字刻在牆上,肅 敬 靜 默 提醒進入主聖殿的崇敬者要 。取自哈巴谷書2:20
三角形的教堂也有虔敬的用意。木天花板直升向天,銜接一個圓形的天窗,高高在講台上空。當光照射下時,引導我們的思想通向上帝,讓上帝的愛和光閃耀地下降給傳神話的講道者。光也照在用漢字刻的聖經六六本書的名稱,作主席台上背景。聖書都是打開的, 新約建於舊約的基礎上,象徵聖書的一致性,並以基督為中心。
我們華人教會的成員祈禱,基督將成為我們人生的中心,我們生活的每個方面 - 我們靈性是由智和體兩側相扶而上。教堂天花板上三塊板也象徵靈,智, 體一起和諧與神共增長,不僅是我們的教堂建築指向上天,我們每個人也會代表神 – 代表祂的愛,祂的光,祂的愛子和祂的話語也指向上天 - 不單向華人,也向所有的人,用各人自己的理解,引領我們的思想和生命日向上帝。

萬 民 禱 告 心殿
華 人 會 堂 

Building Faith

It may be truly said of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that it is “built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone.”

Members of the Church revere the Writings of the Holy Scriptures as the inspired Word of God. They acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Upon this sure foundation they built their faith: faith in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

They believe that it was love that led God to create this world in the beginning; that His Ten Commandments are a law of love; that love led Christ to the cross for man’s redemption; that His love leads man to conversion and the new birth; that love leads the Saviour to minister continually for man in the heavenly sanctuary; and that love will bring Him back to earth the second time, in power and glory.

In response to this love, Adventists believe they should surrender their hearts to God, praying for strength to do His will. Hence, they observe the seventh-day Sabbath, as required in the fourth Commandment, not legalistic compliance, but rather as rendering glad obedience to a beloved Friend

★ For the favour of God and the liberality of the members and our friends; for the unremitting toil of those who have asked nothing more but the honour of service to make possible this house of worship, are gracious thanks given.

★ For those whose deeds remain unseen, yet not unknown, we believe there is written a Higher Record of Honour that will endure beyond the things of time.


可以說 基督復臨安息日教會是真正的建造在“使徒和先知的根基上,耶穌基督被為房角石。”
教會成員尊聖經的話語為神所默示的著作。他們確認耶穌基督是他們的主與救主。 建立了他們的信念在這基礎上:深信聖父,聖子和聖靈的信仰。
他們認為是神的愛,在太初創造了這個世界;,祂的十戒律是愛的律法;,是愛讓基督為人在十字架上贖罪;,祂的愛導致人懺悔成新的人; 主的愛導致基督不斷在天上的聖所為人類服務; 這愛也會將基督和祂的權力和榮耀第二次重返地球。
★ 對於神的關懷照顧青睞和成員朋友的慷慨不懈的出錢出力;,但服務的榮譽,使這聖殿能成功建造完成,我們給予親切的感謝。
★ 對於有些仍然沒看見的事蹟,我們相信你的記錄會承超越時空,寫在一個更高的榮譽榜上。

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Adventists believe life is more than just the accumulation of "stuff". It’s about more than just surviving. It means more than simply maximising pleasure and minimising pain. We believe every life is of infinite value. Why? Because every human is miraculously crafted by God who wants us to live life to the full. What's more, He sent His Son to demonstrate true love, forgiveness and grace.

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