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Where can we find certainty? These Masterclasses will give you compelling answers to help you live in these uncertain times.

Unlocking Bible Prophecies 

A 14 day Bible Masterclass

With: Cami Oetman

By: Adventist World Radio

This recsource can be used for cell group activities, sharing at family worship or for entertaining friends.


1) The Prediction

2) The Signs

3) the Warning

4) The Laws

5) The Authentic Seal

6) The Counterfeit

7) The Grave

8) The Rescue

9) The Desolation

10) The Mark

11) The Harlot

12) The Remnant

13) The New Life

14) The Great Controversy

Bible Study resources 

If you would like to have a Bible study on the following subjects, please click the links below: Salvation, Faith, Beliefs Salvation, Faith, Beliefs Studies in Daniel, Revelation and End-time Events Relationship, Purpose, Addictions Prophecy Life of Jesus Health and Wellness Forgive to Live Explore beyond the search

The link below can also be used and embedded on a church webpage linking to the same process.

如果您想要研究圣经,请点压以下的网址: 奇妙真相

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