Food Pantry, Every Thursday 6-7pm. $5 donation per box.

Live Sabbath Worship Broadcast every Saturday 11am-12:50pm

Sabbath School Zoom meeting links

The zoom room opens at the listed times.

Sabbath School Classes Meeting

安息日学 Sabbath School Classes (Sydney Chinese SDA Church)

*广东话班 (Cantonese Class)*

Meeting ID聚会号码: 705 941 858

Password密码: 123456


*English Class*

Meeting ID: 934 5531 4456

Passcode: 123456

*Youth Class*

Meeting ID: 331 956 0396   

Password: 046605

Weekly Zoom Prayer and Care Groups 每周祷告和关怀小组: 

Weekly Zoom Prayer and Care Groups: 

1️⃣ Sunday Care Group: Every Sunday, 7:00pm, English & Mandarin, Zoom Meeting ID: 928 536 167, Password: 123456.

2️⃣ Cantonese Care Group: Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7:00 pm, Cantonese. Contact Pr. Daniel for more info.

3️⃣ Eastwood Mid-Week Prayer Meeting: Every Wednesday, 7:30 pm, Mandarin only, Meeting ID:8758729240

4️⃣ Youth Care Group: Every Thursday, 7:00 pm, English only, Meeting ID: 331 956 0396, Password: 046605

5. Bible Study on the book of Genesis. English only. Every Wednesday evening, 7:30pm (AEST), Zoom Meeting ID: 986 9811 1335, No passcode required.

1️⃣ 周日关怀小组:每周日, 晚上7:00点钟,英语和普通话,Zoom会议ID:928536167,密码:123456。
2️⃣ 广东话查经小组:每个月的第1个和第3个星期二,晚上7:00点钟,粤语。请联系张牧师来了解更多资料。
4️⃣安息日学圣经学习:每周六,上午9:30,成人英语班,广东班,青年班,青少年班,少年班,儿童班。Zoom会议ID:705 941 858,密码:123456

5. “创世纪” 圣经研究班。英语讲课。每周三晚,七点半 (澳洲悉尼时间),Zoom 会议号码: 986 9811 1335

Bible Study on the book of Daniel

Hope Awakens (Please copy and paste link)

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