Covid19 Safety Plan

Church reopening: Covid-19 information

Our church has registered with the NSW Government's covid safe business program. We're dedicated to keeping everyone safe, and up to date. Please view the Covid-19 safety plan for more detailed information on how to keep yourself safe at church. 

The Sydney Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church has REOPENED!! Anyone is welcome to come back to worship with us. 

Our Programs:

1) Sabbath School - 9:30 am.

2) Divine Service - 11:00 am.

But you must....

1. Register when you come - this is done by QR code on the RTA app.

2. Face mask is required if you wish to attend church. Please bring your own face mask. 😷

3. Temperature checks will be taken at the registration table. 🌡️

4. Maintain 1.5m social distancing at all time. Limited number of people in each room (4sqm rule). 🚶‍♀️ __ 🚶

5. Once seated please remain in your seat in Church. Should you need to change seat, remember to wipe your seat when you leave it, for the benefit of the next user. 🪑

6. Wash hands, use Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial wipes as necessary 💦

7. No singing. Humming only. Please do not use church Hymnals and Bibles to reduce the chances of cross infection. 🎼

8. Online Sabbath School and Worship Service is still streamed live online each week. ▶️

9. Use eGiving for Tithe and Offering. Otherwise deposit them into the wooden church collection box at the church foyer. 💰


Enquiries to Pr. Daniel Chong (0404234060)


我们的教会重启实体教会啦!欢迎大家来参加星期六的安息日学(9:30am) 和崇拜聚会 (11:00 am)。


1️⃣ 出席实体教会必须戴口罩。请自带口罩 😷

2️⃣ 在登记处进行体温检测 🌡️

3️⃣  必须保持1.5米的社交距离。每个房间必须限制在规定的人数以下(平均每4平方米一个人或者一家人) 🚶‍♀️ __ 🚶

4️⃣ 如果你要换座位,请将你坐过的座位擦干净,以便其他人入座。🪑

5️⃣ 勤洗手,使用消毒液和消毒纸巾 💦

6️⃣ 请不要放声歌唱,只能闭口哼唱而已。请不要使用教会纸版的圣经和诗歌本,以减少交叉感染 🎼

7️⃣  每星期安息日学和崇拜聚会节目,在各社交网站上同步直播 ▶️

8️⃣请尽量使用 eGiving奉献。也可以将奉献放在教会入口处的奉献箱里 💰

😊 谢谢大家 😊

如有疑问,请联系张牧师 0404234060