Special Item 27/07/2019: Love.Love.Love - George Zhou

27 Jul 2019

Special Item (特別音樂): Love.Love.Love 愛.愛.愛
Presenter (獻唱): George Zhou 周智銘

This song is a testimony song about how God guided and loved Wayne who was living in miserable depression life but now is living in a new life in Christ. It's also the song for Wayne's baptismal ceremony in May 2019.

Love.Love.Love (愛.愛.愛)
Music (曲): George Zhou
Lyric (詞): Wayne


當 人說一生  是咀咒  是悲劇
When lives were told as curse and misery
抑鬱 苦難  痛分離  沒出路
Depression, suffering, painful separation, there is no way out
但袮用慈愛  喜樂解救我
But You saved me through lovingkindess and joy
然後袮問我  愛袮嗎
Then You asked me: Do you love me?
當 跌進深海  是重病  是危難
When falling into the deep ocean, because of illness and danger
每次都絕望  生命完  沒希望
Desperation stroke heart, There was no life and hope
但袮用平安  希望拯救我
But You save me through peace and hope
然後袮問我  愛袮嗎
Then You asked me: Do you love me?

當 走遍世界  找不到  祢踪影
When walking in life journey, I found nothing even the shadow of You
身邊人總說  不虔誠  不熱情
I was told as indevout and not enthusiastic all the time
但袮用信心  勇氣引領我
But You leaded me through confidence and courage
然後袮問我  愛袮嗎
Then You asked me: Do you love me?


It’s time to response Your calling joyfully today
我愛袮  很愛袮  最愛袮
I love You, Lord, love You sincerely, love You wholeheartedly

因為愛  願接受袮教導
Because of love, I would accept Your teaching
改正我  千萬樣錯誤  我愛袮
Correct my countless mistakes, because I love You Lord.
因為愛  願跟隨袮腳步
Because of love, I would follow You
將大愛  傳到地極  我愛袮
Spread Your greatest love from here to the end of the world, because I love You Lord
因為愛  願一生在袮手
Because of love, I would surrender myself to Your hands
May You by my Lord and my King forever
Everything in this world is meaningless to me
Because You are my all in all